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Free Prosecco Anyone? | Ranieri's

Yep, we’re seriously giving away crates of free Prosecco!!!

All you have to do is to find our mobile bar a booking for this summer!

Any event that you think we’d be suitable for, either contact them yourselves (especially if you know the organiser!), or give us the event organiser’s details and we’ll contact them. If we are booked for the event we send you a free crate of Prosecco ….. OR if you’re attending the event then we keep it on ice for you to enjoy at the event itself!!!

What’s the catch??

There isn’t one, just a small caveat – if the event is suitable and we are booked then you get two free bottles of Prosecco per day of the event to have now or at the event (so for a weekend 3 day event like a music festival that’s a crate of Prosecco!!)

All you have to do is contact us and let us know the event that you’ve introduced us to and how …. or the event organiser’s details for us to do it for you!!


Don’t know any event organiser?

Just ask your friends on Facebook and Twitter if they need a mobile bar for an event?? Your lead could come out of the blue and you get FREE DRINKS!!!

Here’s a simple way, just post a status: Is anyone organising an event or wedding?? These guys look amazing… www.facebook.com/ranierisproseccobar 

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